“Today’s the day!” you proclaim as you put on your seat belt.

“You already said that,” your mom reminds you. She turns around and starts the car. She is taking you to the brand new petshop that seemed to pop-up overnight.

“It’s just down three blocks and then to the right!” you say while imagining your very first pet! You’ve been wanting a pet for as long as you can remember. Now that you have continually done well in school and got all of your chores done for a couple of weeks, you have earned the right to get one. “I wonder what type of pets they’ll have there?”

“All types, I would imagine,” your mom says. “And there will probably be some animals you’ve never seen before.”

“Really?” you excitedly ask. Your mom just nods her head yes and continues around the corner. When you get out of the car in the parking lot, you are amazed at how huge the building looks. You know this pet shop is different from anything you’ve seen before.

You thought that the building was huge outside, it seems ten times bigger inside. “There must be a million pets in here!” you exclaim.

“You can only get one, though” your mom reminds you. “And so we don’t get any snakes, or frogs or dragons, I think you need to limit yourself to normal animals.”

“I think all animals are normal,” you tell her.

“Well then, how about one from those three sections,” she says as she points to her left. “While you are deciding, I am going to the bookstore across the street.”

You say:

“I would love a puppy or kitten. Let’s go check them out.”{DCI}


“I want to keep it easy with a fish. Can we get a tank, too?”{FI}


“I want a pet I can talk to. Let’s see the birds”{BI}