The sign points you toward an old-fashioned looking wooden escalator going down to the lower levels of the store. As you ride down, you are struck by the vastness of the place, and you see two openings leading to large rooms on either side of a wide passageway.

“This looks like a medieval castle!” you say. You stare at the drawbridge that covers the entrance and look through the arrow slits into the room. You hear the sounds of lots of puppies barking. You run your hand along the cool stone wall and the heavy wood of the drawbridge.

“This really is a castle!” you say. “I can’t believe it.”

You turn around and see the entrance to the room opposite the castle looks like the inside of a starship. What looks like the hatch of a space shuttle is set into a wall of bright white; strange, sculptures stand on either side looking like twisted strands of glass. Along the walls, on either side of the hatch, you see round bubble-shaped windows looking into a glowing white interior. Several cats and kittens lounge casually in some of the bubble windows.

“This looks so futuristic!” you say. “Can it take off into space?”

You look back and forth between the two elaborately decorated rooms, trying to decide which one to enter first. Each is oddly different from the other, and yet both are equally interesting.

You say:

“I wonder if any of those puppies are royalty. How do you get this drawbridge down?” {D-2}


“I am ready to blast off and choose a kitten to be by my side.” {C-2}