“This looks like a giant living treasure chest!” you exclaim as you walk down the fish aisle. “You all look like living jewels!”

You are amazed at the multitude of vivid colors, shapes, and sizes of all of these aquatic creatures. Some tanks are swirling with hundreds of dazzling fish, while others seem to hold only one prize inside. Of all of the brilliant jewels swimming about their tanks, one stands out from the rest. As you approach, it seems to glow vibrantly like a living, moving embroidery.

“You look like a paisley fish!” you say, impressed by the vivid blue, orange, and green patterns all over its body. You get closer to the tank and notice that everywhere you move your hand, the colorful little fish follows.

“What type of fish are you, anyway?” you ask out loud. You see the label on the tank that reads Mandarin Goby. You notice that there isn’t a lid on the tank when the little fish swims up to the top of the water and pops his head out. He seems to flutter around, almost like a fairy in the water, as his dark blue pectoral fins never stop moving. He continually pops his head out of the water and you start to feel like he wants you to pick him up. On top of the tank there is a large sign that states Do Not Touch THIS Fish.

“Why do you keep doing that?” you ask, as the goby pops its head above water again. “I’m not supposed to touch you. Are you hungry?”

In response to your question, the little fish swims down in his tank and begins to examine a little cluster of wriggling brine shrimp, first one way and then the other, before slurping one of them up. He immediately swims back to the top of the tank and pops his head up again out of the water.

“Do you want me to pet you?” you ask. He just bobs up and down looking at you with his head above the water.

You say:

“I know you can’t read but it says not to touch you, and I’m not going to. I could get in trouble.” {F-2-A}


“You must need something. No one is watching, so maybe I will pick you up real quick.”{F-2-B}