You happily walk over to the bird section and immediately cover your ears. “Whoa, you guys are all so loud,” you yell over the squawking, forgetting you are alone. Everywhere you look there are different colors, shapes, sizes, and types of birds.

Against the wall there is the biggest cage you have ever seen, even bigger than anything they have at a zoo. All kinds of birds zip by at superfast speeds.

“Want to feed one?” a voice surprises you from behind.

“Sure,” you respond, trying not to sound startled.

“You can feed any of these birds with this,” says the mysterious person as he hands you a clear plastic bag with some bird food in it.

You look down at the bag to see what he’s given you. It doesn’t seem to be like any food you’ve encountered before. When you look up, the person has vanished.

Confused by the noise and the strange encounter, you look around and notice that the two most interesting birds seem to be at the opposite ends of the bird aisle. One is a bright orange and green little parrot that is jumping about playfully in its cage yet is quite unlike the other birds. As soon as it sees you, it stops jumping and stares at you. At the other end, a big, cotton-candy pink cockatoo dances from side to side, raising its gold and red feathered crest as if calling your attention.

You say to yourself:

“I’ve always wanted a parrot. We should talk.”{B-II-A}


“I am into big birds. A cockatoo is the bird for me.”{W-2}